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William McMahon 10 Mar 1971 20th Prime Minister
After displacing John Gorton as Liberal Party leader, William McMahon was sworn in as Prime Minister.
William McMahon 24 May 1971 Being counted
Senator Neville Bonner became the first Aboriginal parliamentarian. He was nominated by the Queensland Liberal Party for a vacant Senate seat. Indigenous people were included in the national census for the first time in 1971, following the 1967 amendment to the Constitution.
William McMahon 18 Aug 1971 The Vietnam toll
Prime Minister William McMahon announced the final withdrawal of Australian troops from Vietnam. By the time the last men had returned home in 1972, more than 46,000 Australian personnel had served in Vietnam, with 3000 wounded and 500 dead.
William McMahon 02 Nov 1971 Dinner at the White House
At an official dinner with President and Mrs Nixon at the White House, the prime ministerial couple attracted international attention. Television and magazines relayed pictures of Sonia McMahon’s diplomatically daring dress.
William McMahon 26 Jan 1972 A tent embassy
Aboriginal people set up a tent ‘embassy’ in front of Parliament House. Though police removed it several times, it was replaced until February 1975. A second tent embassy, opened on the same site in January 1992, still stands in front of Old Parliament House.
William McMahon 02 Dec 1972 28th federal election – House of Representatives
Coalition under Prime Minister William McMahon lost government.