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Stanley Melbourne Bruce 09 Feb 1923 8th Prime Minister
Stanley Melbourne Bruce was sworn in as Prime Minister after the Nationalist Party displaced WM Hughes as leader.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 09 Jun 1923 Loan Council
The government agreed to form a Loan Council to coordinate States’ borrowing. The Council’s first meeting was on 1 February 1924.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 05 Oct 1923 Imperial Conference
Prime Minister SM Bruce arrived in London for the Imperial Conference. He advocated the ‘men, money and markets’ empire trade policy that shaped Australia’s agricultural, pastoral, financial and population policies throughout the 1920s.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 01 Jan 1924 Mt Stromlo observatory
With the appointment of its first director, the Commonwealth Solar Observatory was established. Located on Mount Stromlo, outside Canberra, it enabled scientific research on the sun and geophysics.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 01 Jan 1924 Federal roads
The Australian Automobile Association was formed. It lobbied for federal finance for roads and a national traffic code. Commonwealth funds for national highways were provided for in the Federal Roads Act 1926.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 30 Jan 1924 Cabinet in Canberra
The first Cabinet meeting was held in Canberra. The ministers were lodged at Yarralumla House, later the residence of the Governor-General. The building of Parliament House had begun on 28 August 1923.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 04 Sep 1924 Agricultural science
The Commonwealth Citrus Research Station opened at Griffith, New South Wales in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area. In March 1927 it became a research station of the Commonwealth Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 14 Apr 1925 Big brother
The ‘Big Brother’ child immigration scheme was launched as part of the scheme for British settlement in Australia. The Barnardo and Fairbridge organisations brought children for settlement at locations around Australia. Fairbridge farm school at Pinjarra, Western Australia had been established in 1912.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 08 Oct 1925 8th Governor-General
Lord Stonehaven served as Governor-General until 22 January 1931. Lord Somers was acting Governor-General from 3 October 1930 to 22 January 1931.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 14 Nov 1925 Compulsory voting
The 10th general election was the first in which voting was compulsory after the Commonwealth Electoral Act was enacted on 10 October 1924.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 14 Nov 1925 10th federal election
House of Representatives and 22 Senate seats
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 22 Jun 1926 CSIRO
The government set up the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (later CSIRO) to foster applied research. In 1927 the CSIR moved into its building at Black Mountain in Canberra.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 04 Sep 1926 Referendum
Two proposals, one related to industry and commerce and the second to the power of the Parliament to protect the public against the interruption of essential services, were rejected by the Australian electorate.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 19 Nov 1926 Free and equal
At the Imperial Conference agreement was reached on the independent and equal relationship of the British Dominions. The agreement recognised the Dominions as ‘autonomous communities within the British empire, equal in status . . . and freely associated as members of the British Commonwealth of Nations’.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 01 Dec 1926 1st petrol tax
A federal levy on imported petrol was imposed for the first time. A tax on locally refined petrol was introduced the following year. The Commonwealth Oil Refineries at Laverton, Victoria and the Shell company’s works at Clyde, New South Wales began refining petrol in 1924.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 30 Apr 1927 Forestry School
The Forestry School, established in Adelaide, transferred to permanent premises in the national capital.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 09 May 1927 New Parliament House
The ceremonial opening of parliament in Parliament House, Canberra was the deadline for completion of many other buildings, including the Hotel Canberra and Hotel Kurrajong, and the prime ministerial residence, The Lodge. As Commonwealth departments were transferred from Melbourne to Canberra, housing construction was accelerated in an attempt to keep pace.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 02 Jun 1927 Australian films
A Royal Commission into the film industry was appointed. It reported in April on the state of film-making in Australia. It also reported on the process of distributing films from the United States to the 1250 Australian cinemas.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 09 Jun 1928 1st Pacific flight
Charles Kingsford-Smith and Charles Ulm completed the first flight across the Pacific. They flew the Southern Cross from Oakland, California to Brisbane. In August they made the first non-stop flight across Australia, from Perth to Point Cook. In September, they achieved the first flight from Australia to New Zealand.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 17 Nov 1928 11th federal election
House of Representatives seats and 19 Senate seats
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 17 Nov 1928 Referendum
A successful referendum altered constitutional provisions on Commonwealth-State financial relations. The referendum was held with the 11th federal election.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 31 Jan 1929 The Warrigal
The Royal Australian Air Force purchased its first Australian plane, the Warrigal 1.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 02 Aug 1929 End of the line
The Alice Springs to Adelaide railway line was completed. In 1930, however, Commonwealth construction of the North Australia railway ceased with the line from Darwin terminating at Birdum.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 23 Aug 1929 Industrial challenge
The government attempted to pass a Bill abolishing the Conciliation and Arbitration Court. The Bill aimed to relegate arbitration powers to the States, except in the ‘external’ industries of shipping and stevedoring.
Stanley Melbourne Bruce 12 Oct 1929 12th federal election
House of Representatives only