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Joseph Cook 24 Jun 1913 6th Prime Minister
Sworn in after a close election result, Prime Minister Joseph Cook held a majority of only one in the House of Representatives.
Joseph Cook 04 Oct 1913 Royal Australian Navy
Huge crowds lined Sydney Harbour for the arrival of Australia’s new naval fleet, the battle cruiser HMAS Australia and three cruisers and three destroyers. The Royal Australian Navy had been established on 19 July 1911. The Naval College had temporary quarters in Victoria until HMAS Creswell at Jervis Bay was opened on 10 February 1915.
Joseph Cook 30 Mar 1914 Norfolk Island
The Island, governed as part of New South Wales since 1788, was proclaimed a Commonwealth territory, thirteen years after Federation.
Joseph Cook 18 May 1914 6th Governor-General
Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson was Governor-General to 6 October 1920.
Joseph Cook 04 Aug 1914 Australia at war
Britain declared war on Germany and automatically the British Dominions, including Australia, were also at war. Recruitment began a week later and on 1 November the First Division of the Australian Imperial Force left Australia. They arrived at their training camp in Egypt on 5 December.
Joseph Cook 15 Aug 1914 Panama Canal
The 64 km channel between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans was officially opened. The Panama Canal saved ships making the 11,300 km voyage around Cape Horn. It had taken ten years to build across the isthmus between North and South America.
Joseph Cook 05 Sep 1914 6th federal election
House of Representatives and all 36 Senate seats
Joseph Cook 13 Sep 1914 Capture of New Guinea
An Australian force occupied Rabaul and, on 17 September, the German governor surrendered New Guinea. The area remained under Australian military control until 1921.