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Harold Holt 26 Jan 1966 17th Prime Minister
After a record 16-year term, Sir Robert Menzies resigned and Harold Holt was sworn in.
Harold Holt 14 Feb 1966 Dollars and cents
Australia changed to a decimal currency. Pounds, shillings and pence were replaced with the new currency.
Harold Holt 27 Aug 1966 Gurindji strike
At Wave Hill in the Northern Territory, 200 Gurindji workers for the Vestey pastoral company went on strike. They were campaigning for recognition of rights to an area at Wattie Creek, on their traditional lands.
Harold Holt 26 Nov 1966 26th federal election
House of Representatives
Harold Holt 27 May 1967 Historic referendum
In the largest majority of any Australian referendum, voters overwhelmingly supported a proposal to count Indigenous people in the national census and to give the federal parliament power to legislate for Indigenous people. A second proposal related to increases to numbers in the House of Representative was not carried.
Harold Holt 16 Sep 1967 North West Cape
The government approved the establishment of a United States Navy communications base in Western Australia that opened on 16 September 1967. A top security joint space facility was established at Pine Gap, near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.
Harold Holt 19 Nov 1967 WRE-SAT
Australia’s first satellite was launched from the Woomera rocket range, carrying research instruments from the Weapons Research Establishment.