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Annita Keating

Annita van Iersel was born in Holland on 5 October 1948 and married Paul Keating on 17 January 1975. When Paul Keating was Treasurer in the Hawke government from 1983 to 1991, Annita Keating and Hazel Hawke became friends. Although Annita Keating did not have as much experience of Australian politics as Hazel Hawke, after the Keatings moved to Canberra, both women were often in the visitors’ gallery in Parliament House.

Annita and Paul Keating with Prince Akishino, 1995

Annita and Paul Keating with Prince Akishino, younger son of Japan's Emperor Akihito, and Princess Akishino at The Lodge in 1995.

NAA: A8746, KN17/10/95/25

The Keatings moved into The Lodge in 1991. They made some changes to the decor and, unlike many of the earlier prime ministerial families, preferred to treat The Lodge as a family home.

Annita Keating accompanied the Prime Minister on many of his overseas visits. Her official duties included supporting Australia’s bid for the 2000 Olympic Games, and her command of several languages and ability to ‘sell’ the bid were regarded as valuable assets in the successful negotiations in 1993. Her duties as a ‘political wife’ included participation in Labor’s election campaigns, and appearances and interviews before and after the federal budgets. A biographer of Paul Keating recorded comments from colleagues that Annita Keating was the ‘perfect partner’ for a prime minister, ‘supportive but not interfering, involved but not too much, determined but down to earth’.

Paul Keating and Annita Keating, 1993

Prime Minister Paul Keating and Annita Keating after Labor's election victory in 1993.

NAA: A6135, K18/3/93/1

In 1998 Paul and Annita Keating separated. Annita Keating became a full-time artist, working from a Sydney studio.


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