What’s in this site?


  • Quotes – introduce the prime ministers in the words of those who knew them
  • This week last century – ‘pinhole’ views of political anniversaries

About this site

  • Portal partners – collaborating institutions
  • Contributors – collections, expert review panel, writers and site design

Australia’s PMs

Begins with a gallery of portraits and dates in office, each of which link to seven sections:

  • About – an overview of the prime ministership
  • Before office – a sketch of the prime minister’s early years and political career before taking office
  • Elections – the federal elections contested and links to electoral statistics
  • In office – a description of the period in office
  • Prime ministerial wife – a description of how the prime minister’s spouse has undertaken her official role
  • After office – a summary of the prime minister’s political career after leaving office
  • Key people – a list of people significant to the prime ministership. You can also find an entry by following the link on a person’s name.

Fast facts

A quick reference tool summarising key personal and political facts. Some trivial facts are included as well – nicknames, who was the tallest prime minister, whose term in office was the briefest, and so on.

  • Education – generally shows the last school attended and university or other qualifications
  • Marriage – details refer to the prime ministerial wife (other marriages are shown in parentheses)
  • Honours – generally only national honours are shown. For an explanation of the British and Australian honours system (including British awards to Australians), see It’s an Honour
  • Terms in office – the start date is the date a prime minister was sworn in by the governor-general, and the end date is the date the governor-general accepted a resignation or the date of death
  • Term as MP – for the House of Representatives, the start date is the date a parliamentarian was sworn in, and the end date is the date the seat was lost at an election, the date of resignation or the date of death
  • Fascinating facts – revealing records of prime ministers’ lives


Contains relevant events in Australian political history and you can filter events by category.


There is an audio gallery, a video gallery, a gallery of photographs from the Malcolm Fraser Collection at the University of Melbourne and a gallery of photographs from the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library. Other galleries will be developed over time.

Find records

A primary purpose of this website is to direct you to collections in Australia and around the world. You can identify collections with holdings of original material for each prime minister, and link through to the online catalogues of the holding institutions.


Explains some of the less common terms used in Australia’s Prime Ministers, and identifies organisations such as major political parties.