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In addition to our portal partners, Australia’s Prime Ministers provides pathways to other collections known to include prime ministerial records – over 70 collections in Australia and around the world.

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The review panel provides advice on the website content and ongoing development. It comprises Dr Chris Cunneen, Dr David Day, Rt Rev. Dr Tom Frame, Mr Ian Hancock, Dr John Knott, Mr Frank Moorhouse, Professor Marian Sawer, Professor James Walter, Dr James Curran, Professor Jenny Hocking, Dr Diane Langmore and Dr Margaret Simons.


The writers were Dr John Knott (Menzies), Dr David Day (Curtin and Chifley), Mr Ian Hancock (Gorton), Dr Chris Cunneen (Hughes), Dr Susan Marsden and Professor Jenny Hocking (Whitlam). Dr Lenore Coltheart wrote the text for the other prime ministers.

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