We are at war with Japan, 1941

Prime Minister John Curtin declares that Australia is at war with Japan, 1941. (Duration 12:49). Read transcript.

NAA: C102, PO(L)18

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No carefree rejoicing, 1945

Leader of the Opposition, RG Menzies, and Leader of the Country Party, AW Fadden, on the announcement of the end of the war in Europe, 8 May 1945. (Duration 14:12). Read transcript.

NAA: C102, PO(L)29

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Hostilities will now cease, 1945

Prime Minister JB Chifley announces that the war with Japan is over, 15 August 1945. (Duration 5:57). Read transcript.

NAA: C102, PO(L)31

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World nutrition, c. 1946

Stanley Melbourne Bruce introduces the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and its purpose. Read transcript.

NAA: M4254, 35

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He is all of them; and he is one of us, 1993

Prime Minister Paul Keating at the entombment of unknown soldier, 11 November 1993. (Duration 6:09). Read transcript.

NAA: M3983, 959

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Opportunity and care, dignity and hope, 1993

Prime Minister Paul Keating at the launch of Australia's celebration of the 1993 International Year of the World's Indigenous Peoples, Redfern Park, 10 December 1992. (Duration 18:27). Read transcript.

NAA: M3983, 749

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