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Prime Minister Gough Whitlam with Premier Zhou Enlai in China, 1973.

Prime Minister Gough Whitlam with Premier Zhou Enlai in China, 1973.

NAA: A6135, K15/11/73/20

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13 Dec 1909 High Commissioner
13 Dec 1909 Military training
13 Dec 1960 New security law
14 Dec 1944 Liberal Party of Australia
15 Dec 1904 Arbitrating arbitration
15 Dec 1908 1st pensions
16 Dec 1903 2nd federal election
16 Dec 1903 Women stand and vote
16 Dec 1969 Coming home
16 Dec 1976 Land rights
17 Dec 1918 Darwin rebellion
19 Dec 1931 13th federal election
19 Dec 1967 18th Prime Minister
20 Dec 1917 Peace Army riots
20 Dec 1939 Australia calling
20 Dec 1991 24th Prime Minister

"In the generally undistinguished and often tawdry atmosphere of Australian national politics, it is impossible to deny the Whitlam government a certain grandeur."

Clem Lloyd and Gordon Reid, 1974